Be An Advocate!

Becoming an advocate for mental health is a great way to get involved in your community! Jefferson Center for Mental Health has a Policy Action Network (PAN) which establishes and maintains positive relationships with elected officials and other decision makers to promote adequate resources and improve the lives of community members. We provide advocates with up to date information about legislation and issues related to mental health. By working together to be a voice for mental health, we can make a real difference!

Get Involved!

YOUR VOICE COUNTS – By working together to be a voice for mental health, we can make a real difference!

  • Make a phone call, write a letter or an email to your legislators
  • Schedule an informal visit prior to the session
  • Volunteer on a political campaign
  • Attend your legislators Town Hall meetings
  • Speak before a committee
  • Ask to be placed on the legislator’s mailing lists
  • Speak about mental health issues to your friends/family/neighbors

Get to know your legislators on a personal basis. Legislators are just like you and me. They have family and friends, are members of their community, take vacations, and watch sports. Become acquainted with legislators’ key issues, interests and committee assignments. Learn how they prefer to be contacted (i.e. phone call, letter, e-mail). Reach out to them via email, letter, and phone or visit to introduce yourself. Legislators want to hear from their constituents. Don’t contact public officials only when you want their help…keep in touch with them throughout the year.
Share personal stories. Family and personal stories are also extremely powerful and are often remembered. Do not use form letters, photo-copied letters, or printed postal cards. Do not send letters to legislators addressed as “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Legislator”. Know the name of whom you’re writing and use it. Legislators care about what the people in their district think is important, so make sure to mention that you live in that district if appropriate.
  • Be brief, prepared, clear, honest, accurate, persuasive, timely, persistent and grateful.
  • Let the legislator know that you are there to serve as a resource. Be a partner, not an adversary.
  • Listen to what your legislator has to say on the issue.
  • Be sure to thank the legislator for taking the time to hear your position with a short follow-up.

Your Elected Officials

Colorado Legislators

Jefferson, Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties Legislators

For other information visit

To determine who your legislator is, search online here or contact your County Clerk’s office and give them your exact home address.

Jefferson County          303-271-8186
Clear Creek County      303-679-2339
Gilpin County                303-582-5321

Congress and the US Senate continue to meet throughout the year, so we may be sending out action alerts on mental health policy at the federal level.

Advocacy Groups

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Colorado –

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Jeffco –

Mental Health

Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC)

For more information about becoming an advocate for mental health, contact