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February 2018 Our 60th Anniversary: Innovation for Six Decades

January 2018 What’s the Secret to Making Good Habits Stick? 

December 2017 Healthy for the Holidays

Fall 2017 How to Make Stress Your “Friend”

August 2017 Back to School Tips

July 2017 How Do I Know When I Need Help?

June 2017 Enjoy Summer Health Benefits

May 22, 2017 Mental Health Month Special Edition: A Letter from One Veteran to Another

May 15, 2017 Mental Health Month Special Edition: Tips to Cope When Your Emotional Tank Runs Dry 

May 8, 2017 Mental Health Month Special Edition: Care Through the Ages

May 1, 2017 Mental Health Month Special Edition: Let’s Talk

April 2017 Enjoy a Good Belly Laugh!

February/March 2017 Spring Into Health!

January 2017 A New Year, New Possibilities

December 2016 Want to be Happier and Healthier?

November 2016 Get a Boost from Doing Good

October 2016 Find Your Balance this Fall

September 2016  5 Tips to Ease Back Into School

August 2016 Innovative Services for Physical & Mental Health

July 2016 It’s Summer…Time to Putt Your Stuff

June 2016 What I Learned From Mental Health First Aid

May 24, 2016 Mental Health Month: Why Mental Health Matters on the Job

May 16, 2016 Mental Health Month: When It’s More Than “Just the Blues”

May 9, 2016 Mental Health Month: Focus on Children’s Mental Health Week

May 2, 2016 Mental Health Month: Get Your Cupcake Therapy for Mental Health Month

April 2016 When Spring Doesn’t Bring Sunshine

March 2016 Yes, You Can!

February 2016 What Is Your Vision?

January 2016 Step Away from the Smartphone

December 2015 Managing Holiday Stress, Focus on Gratitude

October/November 2015 How Do You Cope When Life Pushes You Down?

September 2015 It’s OK to Ask

August 2015 Tips for a Better Back to School

July 2015 Take Care of Your Body…Take Care of Your Mind

June 2015 It’s Summer Vacation Time!

May 2015 What Can You Do To Help End the Stigma?

April 2015 Unplug and Help our Younger Generation

March 2015 3 Easy Ways to Spring Into Health

January 2015 Not Sure Where to Turn?

December 2014 Happy Holidays

November 2014 I’m Thankful for…Jefferson Center!

October 2014 Seasons Change, Join the Dance

September 2014 What We Can Do, Together

August 2014 Beat the End of Summer Blues

July 2014 Enjoy the Lazy Days of Summer

June 2014 Fore!

April 2014 Mind Your Health, May is Mental Health Month

March 2014 Spring Has Sprung!

February 2014 Eyes on the Stars…Feet on the Ground

January 2014 Remember to Breathe