Office of Healthcare Transformation


The Office of Healthcare Transformation advises executive and senior management on health care policy and trends, represents Jefferson Center in key health reform initiatives, and works to cultivate and sustain inter-agency partnerships that support the integration of behavioral healthcare with primary care and other healthcare systems and providers. We serve as national and regional consultants on integrated behavioral health and other transformational issues and provide technical assistance, training and consultation for primary care providers, community mental health centers, health systems, insurance companies and other key stakeholders. We also are developing a mental health practice based research network and offer extensive expertise in evaluation, and development and implementation of evidenced based behavioral health interventions and integrated care models. Contact us today to discuss your needs at

Creating a Health Home


For more information, contact:
Jeanette Waxmonsky, Director of Research Innovation

Areas of Expertise

Policy & Strategy

  • White Papers
  • Policy Analysis
  • Business / Market Trends
  • Organization Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitation


  • Didactic or interactive
  • In-person, webinar
  • E-learning
  • Integrated care
  • Behavioral health
  • Hotspotting
  • Care Coordination / care management
  • Building a healthcare neighborhood
  • Impact of healthcare reform


  • In person or telephonic individualized technical assistance and consultation.

Research & Evaluation

  • Practice Based Research Networks
  • Community – Academic Research Partnerships
  • Implementation Strategies / Delivery Science
  • Program Evaluation / Consultation Learning
  • Healthcare Organization
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Best Practices

Key Staff

Dr. Donald Bechtold
Dr. Donald BechtoldVice President, Healthcare & Integration
Jeanette Waxmonsky
Jeanette WaxmonskyDirector of Research Innovation
John Talbot
John TalbotVice President, Corporate Strategy


Waxmonsky JA, Verchinina L, Kim HM, Lai Z, Eisenberg D, Kyle JT, Nord KM, Han JY, Goodrich DE, Bauer MS, Thomas MR, Kilbourne AM. Correlates of Emergency Department Use among Individuals with Bipolar Disorder enrolled in a Collaborative Care Implementation Study.  Psychiatric Services 2016; Available at:


“Over the years, integrated care has gained popularity, and an increasing number of people have gained competency in the field. Jeanette is not simply proficient in integrated care, she is a true expert. Her clinical expertise, impressive research skills, and deep commitment to the field are evident. She is both creative and diligent, and it has been a pleasure to work with her.”

Andrea Auxier, PhD
Vice President, Business Development
New Directions Behavioral Health

“Jeanette was a fantastic speaker at our recent Integrated Behavioral Health conference in Minneapolis on April 29, 2016!  She stood out among other presenters as one with grounding in both the theories behind implementing evidence-based practice models into real world settings, and the hands-on experience at getting in the trenches and doing the work.  Many of those at the conference had experience in some form of integrating behavioral health into primary care and a few had experience in the reverse – integrating primary care services into behavioral health settings.  Jeanette could talk about both!  She kept her audience engaged, had handouts that were useful, and there were many questions.  We very much appreciated her coming to Minnesota for this event and hope to see her again!”

Mark Williams, MD
Integrated Behavioral Health
Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

“Jefferson Center and the Office of Healthcare Transformation have excellent knowledge and expertise in the field of integrated care consulting services. They provided high quality and professional services in strategic planning, training front-line staff (behavioral and medical) in integrated care topics and supported program design and delivery for integrated care in public and private programs. I highly recommend working with their team.”

Chase Gray, RN
Healthcare Transformation Consultant