Helping Teens Thrive… Together

Helping Teens Thrive… Together
March 12, 2022

Sign up now for The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties’ FREE Helping Teens Thrive…Together Conference. During this event, you’ll participate in engaging sessions and activities focused on enhancing communication between teens and their trusted adults, building skills to address all of life’s challenges, and promoting connectedness to prevent suicide.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose from 8 insightful sessions led by behavioral and public health experts, each designed for teens and their trusted adults to participate together. Exclusive videos from presenters will also be available to all registrants after the event.

Teens who participate during the live virtual sessions with their trusted adults will be entered into a gift card drawing.

Check out the presentation topics for this year’s event!
Drawing the Line: Setting Boundaries
Learn to define, set, maintain, and respect healthy boundaries both between teens and their trusted adults, as well as peers.
Give and Take: Finding and Providing Teen Support
Learn tips for supporting friends, finding and involving trusted adults, and getting involved in supportive leadership groups at school or in the community. This session is teen-led!
Finding Safety from Within
Everyone experiences situations differently – and sometimes those experiences are frightening, intimidating, or a variety of other uncomfortable emotions. Learn skills, tools, and resources for processing emotions related to difficult or traumatic situations such as gun violence, threats of violence, and being around potentially violent individuals in school or similar settings. Your emotions are real. Your emotions are valid.
Tobacco and Vaping: Reclaiming Our Mental Health
Increase awareness of the effects of nicotine, learn about the tactics of the tobacco and vaping industry that impact mental health, and gain practical strategies to combat these tactics. teen and trusted adults will have a chance to practice discussing and exploring this information with their peers and with others whom they care about.
OK, Let’s Talk: Four Realistic Ways to Improve Teen-Adult Conversations
During this interactive presentation, adults and teens will learn four tips to improve communication and help make conversations more productive and peaceful. We will also explore the “Twelve Talks to have with Teens”, resources for more ideas, helpful links, and local data.
Supporting LGBTQIA Teens
Promote connectedness between LGBTQIA teens and the adults in their life by discovering and practicing ways to access resources and find support, specific to LGBTQIA teens.
Sex and Sexual Consent
maintain open and healthy conversations about dating, sex, and consent.
YOUTH Brain Health 101
How do we keep our brains healthy? Learn about internal and external resources for taking care of yourself and keeping your brain health strong! This session is teen-led.
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