FamilyHikingAs Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer, we gladly welcome in warmer temperatures and sunnier skies! Summer is typically filled with vacations and fun, free time and celebrations. Kids love the break from school and the freedom that summer brings; however, sometimes it can be difficult for parents, as they find themselves asking: How do I keep my kids on a routine and out of trouble? What can I do to minimize the “summer slide?” Here are some tips to make the most of summer vacation!

Keep a routine

Many kids and adults do better when there is structure to the day. The thought of sleeping in fills the minds of many kids when summer arrives, but without routine of key activities each day, many kids struggle and can act out in frustration. Maintain a morning and bedtime schedule and routine as often as possible.

Plan activities

Keeping kids busy doesn’t have to cost money. There are many no- or low-cost ideas for summer fun. Check out your community newspaper or rec center for ideas!

Involve kids in keeping the family on track

By giving your kids a voice during family discussions and decision making, you empower them to take responsibility for their actions and hold others accountable for their behavior as well – which is a win-win everywhere!

  • Hold a regular meeting with the family to talk about upcoming activities.
  • Ask kids, “What do you think we can do to help out this week?”
  • Keep a list of things to be done and have your child to check them off as complete.

We hope these tips will help your family life to make summer vacation a little more enjoyable for your kids AND yourself!