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Coping with Grief After Community Violence

The trauma and grief of community violence often affects us all in some way. Coming together to honor those who’ve died and finding meaning in their deaths can help everyone in the community develop a common bond and begin to recover. What Can I Do To Cope With Grief? Talk to others who understand and respect how you feel—family members, faith leaders, people you trust. It’s a starting point to help ease your grief. Make sure to exercise and eat healthy meals. Keep your routines as regular as possible. Do the things that you’ve always enjoyed doing, even if you don’t [...]

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Healthy for the Holidays – Tips to keep positive and balanced

The holiday season can be one of the most joyous times of the year and yet also a difficult time for many. Remember to take care of yourself, keep things simple and reach out to friends and family to keep the holidays happy.  Here are some more tips to help make your holidays happy: Moderate Your Merriment         Try to eat and drink in moderation. Don’t berate yourself if you get off your normal schedule.  Just acknowledge you’re human and get back on track and move on from there. Move it! Physical activity is a great anti-stressor and it releases those [...]

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Random Acts of Kindness Boost Everyone – Including You

One of the best ways to take care of yourself can be… (drum roll) doing something really nice for someone else. The term is called “Random Acts of Kindness” and whether you’re into Zen or just want to make a tangible, practical difference in someone’s life and feel better yourself in the process, doing something that changes someone’s day for the good can make remarkable changes in us, as well. Ever been in a Starbucks line when the employee said “This is free. The person ahead of you in line already paid it forward for you!” Remember that feeling? The people [...]

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Veteran’s Day–What it Means to Them…and Us

What We Learned Made us Stronger, Tougher, and More Effective Our military service taught us and molded us in multiple ways. We know how to work hard, learn difficult things quickly, and make difficult decisions with incomplete information. But we also learned not to stick out. There is a reason we wore camouflage uniforms. We all looked the same, which reminded us that we were all small parts of something much bigger than ourselves. Drawing attention to yourself just distracted from more important things. We are good at hiding: our observation posts from the bad guys, our fears from our battle [...]

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How to Make Stress Your “Friend”
New Science Reverses Traditional Wisdom and How It Can Help Us All

We've all been under stress, and we may think - way too much of it! With the holidays approaching, sometimes stress can take over as our major emotion. Do you find yourself thinking “It's all just too hectic!” Or “I'm stressed…I need a break!”? According to new scientific studies, we can welcome stress (yes, welcome stress), if we change the way we think about stress. Here's the surprise - our belief about stress is more important than we ever thought, and can literally mean the difference between revitalization and connection, and premature death. Yes, how we think about stress can be [...]

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New Science Reverses Traditional Wisdom and How It Can Help Us All

Calm Your Child’s Anxiety with Back-to-School Tips

Transition times can be difficult for children and parents alike.  Going back to school is often one of those challenges tied to a myriad of emotions.  A good approach might be to instill positive experiences that encourage them to "bloom" like a flower. The base is the STEM and your child's life is the flower. STEM is also a helpful way to remember how to make any adjustment a healthy lifestyle.   Structure:  Routines help to make events predictable and feel more secure.  Having a set wake up time, bedtime and scheduling the last few days before school starts can ease children (and parents) back into [...]

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