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Three Easy Ways to Spring into Health

Although it seems the holidays were just here, the Spring Equinox is on March 20.  For some, Spring can be a time of cleaning and renewal, but for others, sometimes it doesn't seem as hopeful as we'd like. Taking some time to focus on our needs and discover the things that make us happy can help clear and refresh our mind, body and spirit. Move your body: Physical activity is important to mental health and overall well-being. Try going for a quick walk during your lunch hour, taking your kids (or nieces and nephews, grandkids or neighbor kids) to the park or [...]

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When Valentine’s Day isn’t all red hearts and chocolate candy.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Every store is littered with cards, candy, red hearts, stuffed animals and roses. Some people despise a day where they feel pressured to show people how much they care, dubbing it a “Hallmark Holiday.” Others (like myself) adore it. Seriously, I think it’s my favorite holiday. Valentine’s Day can often be disheartening (no pun intended) for my fellow singletons out there. Here are some suggestions to brighten your day when you’re not feeling the affection of Cupid’s arrow. Celebrate all your relationships It’s been years since I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with a significant other, but that [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions – The Possible Dream

It’s that traditional time again when we hear talk about New Year’s resolutions, and sometimes make great promises to ourselves about what we’re going to accomplish in the New Year.  We tell ourselves this coming year will be different, and we’re ready to charge ahead with new zeal and new goals. We all know that even when we make those resolutions, we don’t always keep them, so are they really worth doing? Experts say there are ways to make them work for you.  “It's OK to make New Year's resolutions, but only if you see them not as unbreakable promises to [...]

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Want to be happier and healthier? Practice gratitude

You’ve probably seen it before—gratitude (being thankful) is the adrenaline of life.  Taking time to notice and reflect upon the things that you are thankful for can make you happier and improve sleep, help you feel more alive, and even strengthen your immune system. While gratitude might not be the “magic pill,” it’s pretty close.  “Developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life,” writes Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, and the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.  A dozen or more studies confirm that. It’s a habit and practice you [...]

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Get a Boost from Doing Good

Most of us know that warm fuzzy feeling of doing good work, whether it is rounding up cans of food to feed the less fortunate, donating school supplies for needy kids or perhaps shoveling an elderly neighbor’s walk. But did you know that doing good for others also boosts your physical and mental health? It’s true! Studies have shown that giving to others can boost your immune system, lower stress, help you live longer and increase your happiness. In one study, people diagnosed with high blood pressure were given money and told to spend it in a short amount of time. [...]

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The Great Balancing Act

Welcome fall and all its beauty.  The gold and red leaves against a stunning Colorado blue sky, summon the feeling of change. With fall, we surrender the chaos of summer and settle into routine and finding a sense of balance.  This balance is demonstrated with the fall equinox, one of two days each year where the world experiences equal parts day and night, each 12 hours. The perfect balance. When our lives are in balance we can feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated. Who doesn’t want that!  Often, the pressures of work, relationships and life, pull us out of alignment where [...]

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