Your Client and Family Advocate can help you with your service concerns here at Jefferson Center.





The Client and Family Advocate can help you with your service concerns such as:

  • You want a different therapist or case manager.
  • Your child’s therapist does not communicate with your child’s school or with your pediatrician.
  • You don’t understand the bills you are getting.
  • You are having difficulty arranging to get services for yourself or your child at Jefferson Center.

Your Client and Family Advocate can help you file a complaint about any aspect of your treatment at Jefferson Center.

  • You feel a member of the Jefferson Center staff has not treated you with respect.
  • You have concerns about the medications that are being prescribed to you.
  • You feel you are not participating in your treatment plan.
  • You feel your therapist or prescriber does not listen to you.

REMEMBER: Any client at Jefferson Center can file a complaint about any dissatisfaction with your treatment and no one can treat you badly if you do.

The practice of psychotherapy is regulated by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. The State Grievance Board can be reached at 303-894-7855, or 1560 Broadway, Suite 1550, Denver, CO 80202. Indicate you want the mental health section.

Grievance Guide (.pdf) – English

Grievance Guide (.pdf) -En Español

Anyone who receives mental health services at Jefferson Center has rights and responsibilities. Here are some examples of your rights:

  • Review or ask for a copy of your medical record.
  • Have a service plan which you help to write, and get a copy of it.
  • Be treated in a way that is culturally and linguistically appropriate for you.

Printable Client Rights Statement (.pdf)  English – Español

In order for Jefferson Center’s services to meet the needs of its clients and family members in the best way, it is very important for them to be active participants in designing those services. Clients from Jefferson Center are invited to participate in the Person and Family Advisory Council – for more information and to get involved contact Patty Viles at

Questions or problems? Contact

Patty Viles, Client and Family Advocate
Jefferson Center Office of Consumer and Family Affairs
4851 Independence Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: 303-432-5047