Take Care of Yourself during Difficult Times

Sometimes stress can creep up on you without your being aware of it until it accumulates and you suddenly feel overwhelmed, excessively angry, anxious or depressed. Some indicators to pay attention to- problems sleeping, drinking or eating more, lack of motivation, feeling “discombobulated,” or more disorganized and anxious than usual, temper shorter than usual, impatience with family members, in the workplace or with friends.

Seek help, if you are concerned about your feelings/reactions or about those of a friend, member of your family.  It is likely that your symptoms will get better sooner with support. Talk to someone you trust.  Talking to a friend, a family member, doctor or minister can help you. You can also call us at Jefferson Center, 303 425-0300. The following are some helpful hints on taking care of yourself and dealing with stress:

  • Taking good physical care of yourself with rest, exercise, and healthy eating will help your body to deal with stress. Regular exercise is the most important anti-stressor. Be active — take a walk, ride your bike, get out in the fresh air.
  • Move, stretch, and breathe! Eat healthy and nutritious meals. Keep regular meal times.
  • Connect with others…spend time with supportive friends and family.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol, drugs and caffeine.
  • Limit media viewing. Take breaks from watching news coverage of the event.
  • Find a serene place of your own — even if it’s just a comfortable chair in a corner. Try meditation or yoga to help you relax.
  • Admit what is bothering you. Talk about it openly with someone you trust…a friend, family member, personal physician, leader in your faith community.
  • Remember that children may be worrying too…reassure them, spend time together. Hugs help!
  • Do something you enjoy every day.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Pare down your to-do list, prioritize.