Jefferson Center accepts most forms of commercial insurance as well as Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare and other government funded programs.
We are very flexible and supportive in helping our clients with creative payment plans who may not be covered by insurance. The following schedule provides the cost of services if you do not have insurance, but will not necessarily apply when you are covered but choose not to use your insurance.


Intake $140
Brief Therapy (16 – 37 mins) $70
Individual therapy (38 – 52 mins) $90
Individual therapy (53 mins and >) $135
Family Therapy $110
Group therapy $37
Med Init Evaluation $155
E&M – Low complexity $75
E&M – Moderate complexity $115
E&M – High complexity $150
Psychological Assessment $85/hour


Please feel free to call our team today for any specific questions you may have related to insurance coverage or out of pocket costs. We are happy to help, even before you receive treatment.

For more information, give us a call at 303-425-0300.