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For 65 years we have provided high-quality mental and behavioral health care and counseling in multiple Colorado communities, one patient or family at a time. Our exceptional health care services focus on assisting you with counseling, psychiatry, addiction, and crisis.

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00:20 08 Nov 22
I found a fantastic pharmacy that has compassion for the patient, it is in side 4851, that is why I was there. Mike Pacini
Sheryl LunaSheryl Luna
20:20 28 Sep 22
I like Dr. Shuman a lot and all my case managers but one that has left have been great!
Fnox ._.Fnox ._.
20:19 19 Sep 22
Very friendly! does take a bit to get an intake and at least with the therapy i'm doing i have to go to 2 classes before i'm fully started
20:10 26 Aug 22
I have been with Jefferson Mental Health for about a year. The staff are excellent in their services they provide. I'm making progress in my journey to a healthy life.
Jennifer KrohnfeldtJennifer Krohnfeldt
21:07 26 Jul 22
Great and very low cost classes on so many topics are offered here. Zoom from your home or attend in person. Fantastic wellness teachers!
james karanikolasjames karanikolas
21:21 25 May 22
Simply put I'm an old guy & have been talking to different people w/different qualifications , on & off, for the past 65yrs. Because luck of the draw gave me an excellent match I have been able to make progress & resolve alot of bad experiences. The person I was fortunate to get in the chair opposite me was a real human being. Not only well trained but someone who very much wanted to see me do better. That meant alot to me. This person , over a 2 year period, never failed to do what they agreed to do relative to what I requested. That's pretty rare in my experience & muchappreciated on my end. Its not what they said but that they listened that helped me the most. I truly believe that its up tothose of us afflicted to find the solutions to what bothers us. That part is our job. He gave me the space, the opportunity & the time to do that--to work out my own solutions. That's a rare talent & a gift that I continue to benefit from. The answers that work are our own. There is no magic. He gave me a platform where I could look at what happened to me & the time to figure out a solution that would put it to rest as much as possible. As I continue to work w/this person I have noticed that I'm not talking about the past very much anymore. That's as resolved as much as its ever going to be resolved. So we talke about the present & future which is progress I never made w/anyone else. He continues to provide what he always has which is a safe place to take the lid off the cans thathold & hide the darkest of my secrets. Who could want more. Not me cuz I already have everything someone like me could reasonably expect. A good human well trained who acts professional 100% of the time & who backs up what he does w/actons that allow me to continue to make the progress I seek & at my own pace. No magic but if , IF , you are ready to do what you say you want to & need to do then look for a match @ Jefferson Ctr cuz there's probably one in the pile. Its possible if you accept you are responsible for what happens to you regardless of what has happened to you.That's it & I'm out. james karanikolas
Denice LucasDenice Lucas
23:04 12 Apr 22
I have really been treated well at the Jefferson Center. Which is important to me. I have seen a couple different therapists until I found the right fit for me. They can help you too.
Kay DKay D
03:15 25 Sep 19
Staff, Always welcoming on phone and in person. Many options for services. So Thankful for these services
Nikkie McCutchanNikkie McCutchan
22:42 09 Feb 23
I have been going to JCMH for 7 years and have received nothing but the most professional, compassionate, and comprehensive care concerning my mental health needs. Strongly recommend.
B “Perk” PerkinsB “Perk” Perkins
15:44 27 Aug 22
One of the best experiences I've had here, time and again. I leave feeling better about everything. I have a great therapist and great support. I know Jefferson has their hands full and for people with bad experiences. They do what they can with the resources they have. At the end of the day they are there to help people. Y'all dont have any easy job. And I genuinely appreciate every staff member.
Ashley SpearAshley Spear
03:19 24 Feb 23
This place is a Godsend, so many people who work here are incredibly helpful and welcoming. The resources and or connections to other resources has been a miracle in my life and my families!
Juli PetersonJuli Peterson
20:13 20 Jan 22
I've been a client for 6 years, and I have been disappointed by their disorganization as most of the people wrote in their reviews, but the overall experience has been lifechanging. I am a much healthier, loving and stronger person because of their recommendations of therapists. Now, that doesn't mean that all of the therapists were the right fit, or the doctors, but if you give them a chance to fix it, they will find you the right one. And sometimes there are errors and mistakes made, but they fix them. I have met some of the best and worst people here, but I wouldn't undo any of it. The DBT group therapy was especially the best treatment, and it did take a couple years of it to finally put those skills into use. Patience is key and I definitely think that's the case when it comes to JCMH.
Stacey DufraneStacey Dufrane
11:55 19 Nov 19
This place was the only place willing to accept me as a new patient within a short time frame when I moved to Denver. The receptionists here are nice and I've never had any billing issues with them. However, I didn't feel like my experience with Dr Johnson was exceptional. I only ever saw her for about 15 minutes at a time and the questions she asked didn't really go in depth about my mental health. The downside of this place is that they refused to send my prescriptions electronically to my pharmacy in Denver. This meant that I had to drive an hour round trip to get my prescriptions and bring them to my pharmacy. All of this could have been avoided if they had the right encryption, but this is something they refuse to do. Dr Johnson was also negligent and gave me the wrong prescription for the completely wrong person. This is the only time in my life that has ever happened to me and I have to say that I was a little disappointed that she couldn't even be bothered to check the name on the prescription she was writing.
Christopher NormanChristopher Norman
04:01 28 Mar 23
Much like everyone else. The staff here is simply atrocious. They have zero respect or empathy for people. Trixie was one of the least professional people I have ever met and should not be in this setting. I hope the people there find their true calling in life because this isn't it for them. You can tell it's understaffed. But I do appreciate the man who did my intake. He was the only one who knows what substance abuse was like, most of the staff would stand around doing nothing while he did all of the cleaning and all of the chores. I really wish I remembered his name because he deserves all the credit.
Mary DMary D
12:33 24 Mar 23
This place made me feel worse than before I went in. They claim to have help and resources for people in mental crisis. I was told in no uncertain terms by the less than empathetic counselor lady that they do not provide therapy here and that medication will not solve all of my problems (I never even remotely said anything that should have caused her to tell me that). The only "help" I was given was: 1- she suggested I go to the dr's office in person since they told me on the phone that they couldn't get me in til May. And 2- she gave me a piece of paper with listings for therapists in the area. Helpful? Nope. About as helpful as a Google search would have been. But not for someone who truly feels they are in a crisis. I left there crying my eyes out and utterly defeated, truly feeling like no one cares and more than ever I feeI I am on my own in this fight.
Programs & Services
Our programs and services foster recovery and resilience in children, adults and families struggling with mental health conditions and substance use disorders.


Ascent Program
Ascent Program
This program is for youth and young adults who have experienced or continue to experience their first episode of psychosis. The goal of the program is to quickly stabilize and reduce symptoms through early intervention.
Mobile Medication-Assisted Treatment
Mobile Medication-Assisted Treatment
Jefferson Center is expanding our substance use disorder services with our new Mobile Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program.
Navigation Services
Navigation Services
The navigation team provides information, assessment, and referrals to resources at Jefferson center and in the community.
Residential Recovery Program
Residential Recovery Program
Residential and inpatient treatment programs for adult substance users are effective approaches when it comes to establishing essential psychosocial supports, facilitating relapse management, and developing coping strategies for individuals with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions.
Senior Reach
Senior Reach
Jefferson Center’s evidence-based program connects older adults with resources in your community and provides counseling services.
Veteran and Military Family Programs
Veteran and Military Family Programs
We offer counseling, assistance in accessing community resources, and support groups for all who have served our country, their families, and their loved ones.
Wellness Classes & Coaching
Wellness Classes & Coaching
At Jefferson Center, we know how important the link between emotional and physical well-being is. Our wellness services offer both traditional and holistic alternatives that build on your unique strengths and interests, and help improve your total health – mind, and body!
Withdrawal Management
Withdrawal Management
24/7/365 support for those who are intoxicated or under the influence of other drugs and/or who are experiencing moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms.


Adult Services
Adult Services
At Jefferson Center, we offer services for adults that include a variety of individual, group, and family resources designed to support clients’ strengths and independence while encouraging family involvement.
Blue Spruce Pharmacy
Blue Spruce Pharmacy
Blue Spruce Pharmacy provides convenient and comprehensive pharmacy services to all Jefferson Center locations, as well as the surrounding community.
Centro Dones de Nuestra Comunidad
Centro Dones de Nuestra Comunidad
El Centro Dones de Nuestra Comunidad es un programa para miembros de cualquier edad de la comunidad, que ofrece servicios en inglés y español. El centro tiene una ubicación conveniente dentro de nuestra comunidad latina.
Child, Youth & Family Services
Child, Youth & Family Services
At Jefferson Plaza Family Health Home, our team of caring professionals is here to coordinate all your family’s health needs – primary care, behavioral health services, wellness classes, even help accessing community resources. And, we do it all in one place!
Psychological Assessment Services
Psychological Assessment Services
We provide psychological testing for individuals age 2.5 years old and up.
Senior & Older Adult Services
Senior & Older Adult Services
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Substance Use Services
Substance Use Services
Are you thinking about making a change in 2020? Have you decided to overcome your addiction? If you’re wondering what to do, talk to an experienced Jefferson Center professional.
Mental Health Matters
We’re here for you and your family as the school season begins.
Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope

Sharing Stories of Hope, Resilience, and Recovery. Read about the experiences of clients at Jefferson Center and how mental health treatment made a positive impact on their lives.

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