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To apply:

Application for Internship (.pdf)

Return applications or questions regarding internships should be directed to:

Brandi Cordova, LPC
Clinical Intern and Training Manager

The Golden Opportunity Center

The Golden Opportunity Center, the internship program at Jefferson Center, offers unpaid internships to 2nd year graduate students in counseling, social work, and psychology Master’s Degree programs, as well as a limited number of internships for Bachelor’s Degree or 1st year graduate students.

Internship start dates begin in September, January and June, with some flexibility to adjust according to different school program schedules. Internships are offered in various departments at JCMH, and the internships offered are based upon supervisor availability throughout the year. Typical internships will last between 9 months to 1 year, and most will include a weekly workload averaging 20 hours.

Below is a general schedule of postings, application deadlines and selection deadlines:

January                   Winter/ Spring Internship Start Date
January 15th          JCMH will post available Internships for Summer
February 1st           Applications due for Summer Internship Start Date
March 15th              Selections made for Summer Internship Start Date
March 15th              JCMH will post Available Internships for Fall
April 1st                  Applications due for Fall Internship Start Date
May 15th                 Selections made for Fall Internship Start Date
June                         Summer Internship Start Date
September               Fall Internship Start Date
August 15th             Jefferson Center will post Available Internships for Winter/ Spring
September 1st         Applications Due for Winter/Spring Internship Start Date
October 15th           Selections made for Winter/Spring Internship Start Date

Requirements include:

      • Background checks, orientation, and training prior to start date
      • Commitment of at least two semesters (30 weeks)
      • Commitment of 15-20 hours per week

Once the internships that will be available for that term have been determined, each applicant will be asked to rate the top three departments for which they would like to be considered. Applications and resumes will then be distributed to the appropriate supervisors, who will conduct the phone screening, interview and selection process, and will notify applicants of their selections as well as notify those not selected for an internship.

What past interns have said about their experience:

“My experience interning at JCMH has been overwhelmingly rewarding! Everyone on the team has been incredibly supportive and willing to help. Interning for JCMH offers incredible benefits and resources to better serve clients within the community, as well as providing a rich platform for professional growth.”

“I feel so fortunate to have been accepted as an intern at Jefferson Center for Mental Health, as the experience has been invaluable.  The standards held by JCMH are above and beyond the other sites I considered I considered interning for.  I have received top quality training and supervision with helpful supervisors and colleagues.  JCMH provides caring and thoughtful mental health care for the communities it serves and I am proud to be a part of a company that prides itself on excellence.”

“I am currently on the Adult Outpatient (AOP) team as a Master of Arts in Counseling intern and the entire team has been supportive of me since the first day I stepped into the building. I can ask anyone on my team questions and everyone is willing to help. Other clinicians pop into my office on a regular basis to check-in and see if I have any questions and to see how my day is going. I’ve also had the opportunity to sit-in with several of the clinicians in my department and in other departments to get various perspectives on therapy in addition to that of my supervisor. In addition to this, I have been able to shadow and meet with clinicians at other locations to learn what The Center has to offer so I can relay the information to my clients. I cannot say enough good things about JCMH, the support that I’ve received and how much I have learned from being here in the past four months.”