To inspire hope, improve lives and strengthen our community by providing mental health and related solutions for individuals and families.


A community where mental health matters and care is accessible to all.


People First
Caring for those with whom we serve, work, and partner drives every single action and interaction. We strive to always act with integrity and intentionality that truly places people at the forefront of our organization and our decisions. We give people a voice, welcome their opinions and viewpoints, and encourage understanding and open-mindedness.

Empathy with Excellence
Our compassion brings a warmth and sincerity to our work. Yet, our empathy must be equally balanced with excellence. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving the best customer service and stewardship possible. Empathy with excellence, whether it relates to appointment availability or resource management, ensures our clients, employees, and partners receive our best, every day.

Collaborate to Make Life Better
Our goals are best accomplished by working hand-in hand with clients, family members, co-workers, colleagues, partners, community agencies, businesses, elected officials, and peer organizations throughout the state and nation. We embrace our leadership position, and we know that through meaningful cooperation and shared insights, we can help individuals live life better, while doing the most good for our community.

Community Minded
We take seriously our important role in strengthening and sustaining healthy communities. As creative problem solvers embedded in our community, we provide an authentic, local voice as we work to shape healthy communities one person at a time.

Anticipate and Evolve
We persistently, proactively seek better ways to serve our clients and communities. We bring energy and enthusiasm to meeting unanticipated challenges with unexpected solutions and lead the way to improve the health of our communities and our own organization.

Dignity for All
We treat everyone with respect and compassion regardless of their socioeconomic status, age, gender, culture, mental status, etc. When our employees, clients, and partners feel free from judgment, they are better able to become their best selves.