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Getting Out of a Funk: Tools and Tips to Manage Depression

Getting Out of a Funk: Tools and Tips to Manage Depression

Sometimes you just feel off. Maybe you feel a bit disconnected from the people around you, or you’re having trouble feeling motivated to get things done. You aren’t quite depressed, but you’ve definitely felt better. It happens to the best of us, and with current circumstances, this is completely normal. It’s also okay if you have felt feelings of depression creep in or increase over the last few months. There are tools that can help you feel better!

Join Jefferson Center clinician Melissa Weiler-Cabral as she shares practical tips to combat feelings of depression and help you get out of a “funk.” Melissa will also share different mechanisms and resources to address and deal with symptoms of depression, how to recognize when you may need additional support, and the value of self-compassion.

  • Identifying mild or situational depression
  • How to manage symptoms of depression
  • When you need to get professional help
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