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Senior Reach

Adults 60 years and older face a unique set of challenges as they move through the aging process, including retirement, relocation, health changes, and loss of friends and loved ones. These factors can lead to an increased risk for depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health concerns.
Senior Reach

Who do we serve?

Senior Reach is an award winning, innovative collaboration between Jefferson Center for Mental Health and Mental Health Partners. Together, older adults, aged 60 and older living in JeffCo, Clear Creak, Gilpin, Broomfield, and Boulder Counties, who may need emotional support, wellness coaching, and/or connection to community services. 

Senior Reach also provides services for the entire metro area for community members who struggle with hoarding behaviors through evidence-based interventions, individual and group therapy, and supportive resources.

You can host an educational presentation to cover topics important to you and your community such as: 

    • Challenges of community living
    • Mental Health 101
    • Creating healthy boundaries
    • Or talk to a team member today to tailor a presentation for your group

Services are provided to the community in both English and Spanish. 

Contact us to refer for counseling or to have us at your next event or to host an educational presentation. 

Phone: 1-866-217-5808

Fill out a referral form today by clicking here or scanning the QR code below. 

When to reach out?

Watch for the following signs that could indicate an older adult needs help:

  • Mental State: Confusion, disorientation, memory loss, repetitiveness.

  • Physical Condition: Difficulty in seeing, hearing or walking, alcohol or substance abuse.

  • Emotional State: Recent loss of spouse, appears depressed, anxious or withdrawn, loss of appetite.

  • Social Interaction: Isolated, possible victim of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

  • Appearance: Unkempt, dirty clothes, weight loss.

  • Environment: Home needs repair, trash or debris in yard, neglected pets.

  • Finances: Confused about money matters and an inability to afford necessities.

Hoarding Disorder 

At Jefferson Center we provide treatment for older adults struggling with Hoarding disorders. We offer individual and group courses where participants will learn techniques to regain control of collections and clutter in a private and judgment-free setting. We offer several levels of support in order to deepen and broaden skills to promote long term change. Hoarding specific services are for adults age 60+ living in Jefferson, Denver, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Broomfield, Adams or Arapahoe counties through funding support from DRCOG.  

Learn more about Hoarding disorders from our Hoarding 101 webinar, hosted by Jefferson Center clinician, Amy Miller. 

Centro Dones de Nuestra Comunidad

Centro Dones de Nuestra Comunidad

El Centro Dones de Nuestra Comunidad es un programa para miembros de cualquier edad de la comunidad, que ofrece servicios en inglés y español. El centro tiene una ubicación conveniente dentro de nuestra comunidad latina.
Navigation Services

Navigation Services

The navigation team provides information, assessment, and referrals to resources at Jefferson Center and in the community.
Senior Reach

Senior Reach

Jefferson Center’s evidence-based program connects older adults with resources in your community and provides counseling services.
Wellness Classes & Coaching

Wellness Classes & Coaching

At Jefferson Center, we know how important the link between emotional and physical well-being is. Our wellness services offer both traditional and holistic alternatives that build on your unique strengths and interests, and help improve your total health – mind, and body!
Psychological Assessment Services

Psychological Assessment Services

We provide psychological testing for individuals age 2.5 years old and up.
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Reach out and connect with Jefferson Center today. 

    Getting Started
    Jefferson Center provides client-centered services designed to meet your individual mental health, substance use, and wellness needs. We’re dedicated to meeting you where you are in your journey and working together to help you live a satisfying and hopeful life.

    Emergency & Crisis Services
    • Hotline
    • Walk-in crisis centers
    • Mobile crisis services throughout the state