Wellness Services

Jefferson Center’s approach to wellness offers conventional prevention and health promotion services as well as holistic alternatives that extend beyond the traditional mental health therapies. We recognize the link between emotional and physical well-being and offer a wide variety of services that build on unique strengths and interests of individuals.

Each quarter, Jefferson Center offers a variety of wellness classes to meet the needs of both our clients and the community. The following types of classes are offered each quarter:

  • Mental Health – anxiety and depression, stress and self-coaching
  • Nutrition – cooking on a budget, healthy cooking on the go
  • Physical Health – yoga and meditation, hiking or family walks.

Classes are free to Medicaid clients and are a small fee (typically $5-$10) for private insurance clients.

The health coach program at Jefferson Center provides health education for improvement of overall wellness by assisting in developing personalized health plans. Coaches meet one on one with individuals to create customized health plans tailored to the individual’s and family’s lifestyle. Health goals may include topics such as managing blood pressure, diet/nutrition, exercise, tobacco cessation/reduction and stress management. Support and follow-up health coaching is as often as the client requests. The health coaches also facilitate groups on the topics of nutrition and Self-Coaching.
Quitting smoking and other tobacco/nicotine products can have many benefits both physically and mentally. Jefferson Center has a unique tobacco cessation program for its clients. We are currently in year two of a three-year grant for tobacco cessation. Certified Tobacco Treatment Peer Specialist Coaches can work with clients to overcome barriers, develop a quit plan and live a healthier, more enjoyable life. Coaches also teach classes focused on those ready to quit and those contemplating quitting. We know that quitting is tough but with help, it is possible.