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Life After the Pandemic: Re-Entering on Your Own Terms

Life After the Pandemic: Re-Entering on Your Own Terms

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We’re hopefully nearing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. As vaccines become widely available, restrictions loosen, and we accelerate toward a new normal, many of us are still hesitant to let go of precautions. For others, the desire to re-enter society and forgo masks and restrictions entirely is higher than ever. But what does that look like, and how do we do it in a way that feels comfortable and safe? With these changing recommendations, we could all use some help with how to best ease back into society as our worlds broaden beyond life at home.

Join Colorado Spirit’s Jean Bogar as she discusses ways to set boundaries, coping strategies around social anxieties, how to handle difficult conversations, and other ways to manage to re-emerge successfully.

No matter how you feel about the world re-opening, one thing is certain: the past year has been hard, and it is time for all of us to heal together.

  • How to address post-covid social anxiety
  • How to set healthy boundaries for your comfort level
  • Tools and tips to deal with uncertainty and maintain good mental health
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