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Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

On-Demand Webinar

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a new sense of hope and renewal. It’s been a tough winter, and many of us have been feeling the effects of the year of the pandemic. As we shed the winter blues and head into what is hopefully the end stages of COVID-19, this time of transition is an opportunity to make positive changes to your physical and mental health.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home, but also can be for your mind, body, and spirit. Join us for an hour-long webinar where Colorado Spirit clinician Sarah Greenbaum will discuss ways to start healthy habits, let go of the past and regrets, cultivate creativity to have positive mental health, and improve your overall well-being!

  • What does assessing and prioritizing your mental health look like
  • How to make positive changes for your mental and physical health
  • Tools and tips to cultivate positive mental health and wellbeing
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