Back to school can be a time of excitement as well as stress. Here are a few ways to start this new year off right.

Wrap up the summer – Have your child help plan one final barbeque or picnic with friends and family. Share favorite summer activities you did together.

Look ahead – Talk about positive things to look forward to such as learning about something new, or taking part in a school activity. Encourage your child to problem solve any concerns.

Provide order and stability – The idea of a new school experience can bring anxiety of the unknown. Setting a schedule for your child can establish a sense of control; set a time for homework, bedtime, chores and activities.

Get a good start – Prepare clothes and books the night before to reduce morning time stress. Eating before leaving for school – even if only a banana or yogurt – helps with learning.

Open the lines of communication – Listen to your child and offer encouragement. Being active in their school experience lets your child and their teacher know that you care.

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