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Celebrating Women’s History Month

At Jefferson Center, we are proud to be recognized as a top woman-led organization, with incredible women leading in all areas of our work. They are fierce, dedicated, compassionate and pivotal to nurturing our community and igniting the spark of leadership in others.

As part of Women’s History Month, we connected with several of these extraordinary women at Jefferson Center. We wanted to learn about their personal journeys, discover what drives and motivates them, and find out about the individuals who served as inspiration in their lives.

Get to know just a few of our incredible women!

Amy Miller | Director of Adult Outpatient Services | Oversees: AOP, Senior Services, Mountain Services, Centro Dones, Peer Services, and Supported Employment Teams

Jefferson Center’s focus on the people we serve, being a trusted partner in the community, and caring for our teams is everything. Our ability to be nimble and innovative while also being able to create impact through our resources helps me be the leader I want to be. My role in implementing programs, tools, and processes while supporting my team is what helps me thrive. I am deeply proud of being able to lead with integrity and a focus on servant leadership. I know my team is what helps us be successful, and taking care of them is what enables them to provide the best care to the people we serve. Each day, I am inspired by other women leaders at our center, from Kiara and Lenya to Sandie and my fellow directors. Each one has been a constant source of support and information. I have so much admiration and respect for all of them!

Thalia Rodriguez | Administrative Project Coordinator for the Administrative Support | Oversees: Kiosk Programming including development of program and community partners

I was led to Jefferson Center, when I wanted to start a career in mental health care. The mission and vision resonated with me, and when I started at the front desk, I learned so much about the people we serve, their challenges, and the incredible transformations they have gone through getting connected to care. I have always been curious, and each role here has increased my passion for mental health access, equity, and positive outcomes. My desire for knowledge has led my on a journey to complete my Master of Healthcare, where I have been able to use my education and passion to connect with many teams and build a network of women at Jefferson Center. People will always hear of my admiration of Kiara, and the many women who have mentored me in my curiosity and passion, including Priya McLennan, Ann Hays, Dr. Regina Johnson, Stephanie Schiemann, and Meghan Pataky. In addition, women like Marissa Meyer, Chisty Boland, Mandy Carlson, Julie Dawson, Brandie Keyes, Alexis Gurman, Kathy Baur, Taylor Clepper, and Jamie Mahoney have been tremendous role models in the work they do, and I am inspired by their dedication and all the knowledge they carry. It is important to mention, that I have may have missed women that continue to inspire me in both areas, so my message for the reader is that if you have extended your arms for me to lean on you for anything, please add yourself to this list.

Julie DiTulio | Senior Coordinator, Donor Engagement | Oversees: Fundraising Events, Volunteer Projects, and cultivating relationships with our corporate and community partners.

When I was a kid, we had a family member who struggled with depression. I knew something wasn’t right, but nobody talked about it or did anything. Only as an adult did I realize how painful it must have been to suffer in silence. I started at Jefferson Center on the Fund Development Committee, which led me to a desire to work here full time. In my role and at the events we host, I can bring awareness to and fight the stigma around mental health. Our work not only helps provide financial support to the work we do but brings together the people who support the work to help our communities. This includes guests, sponsors, team members, volunteers, and most importantly, the people we serve and their families who tell their stories of hope and healing. I greatly respect and admire Kiara Kuenzler. Not only is she a strong and confident leader, but she is thoughtful, patient, down-to-earth, and approachable. This is a rare combination, and we are fortunate to have her. She clearly demonstrates that she cares about the wellbeing of clients and employees alike, and she is an inspiration to me every day.

Taylor Clepper | Director of Navigation and Housing Services | Oversees: Navigation teams who help connect people with benefits, community resources and services as well as the entire housing continuum.

Jefferson Center is part of my community, and I am passionate about making a difference where I live. The mission, vision, and values align with me personally, especially when I consider the ways I have been touched by mental health and substance use concerns. I have been so proud of the work in my career, and I’m not done yet! Some of the accomplishments that have been incredible to work on have been our Solid Ground Apartments and filling an important need for housing in our community. It also means so much to be able to increase access for all people and expand what our “front door to services” looks like to include more comprehensive and real-time service components. My career has been filled with so many inspiring women including Kiara who is such an inspiration to everyone, and Lenya and Jessica who are great supporters and advocates. The other females on my team of directors are also so inspirational, not only to me, but to their teams as well. These colleagues are incredibly smart, talented, and lead in ways that inspires others, and continues my passion for the work we do at Jefferson Center.

Lenya Robinson | Chief Operating Officer  

After a year-long sabbatical, I was ready to return to a provider organization and Jefferson Center was the only place I wanted to pursue. In previous roles, I had opportunities to work with Jefferson Center’s teams. I respected the leadership and knew their values aligned with mine – to provide quality care to anyone in need. Kiara and I had worked together before. It was good to know we both had the same thought that we would work well together again! I have been fortunate to do a number of amazing things in my career, including developing programs to impact the lives of youth and families in the communities I was part of, developing and implementing trauma-informed care guidelines, and building those into hospitals. I am proud of each of these, but my why starts with the people. One young man stands out as I worked with him from the age of 8 to 16. I feel like I accomplished the world, serving as a safe space for him and watching him heal from early traumas in his life and growing to a confident and self-assured teenager. He is why I do this work. There are too many women I work with every day to list individually, but they are among the Peers who give hope to our clients by sharing their own personal stories of healing; they are the clinicians on the front lines of this very hard work; they are the clinical managers who support their staff day after day, and the clinical directors who provide guidance and encouragement to their teams.  These women are all doing amazing things in the service of others and I am honored to work alongside them. 

To These and All Women, Thank You

To all the remarkable women who share their talents, passions, and inspirations at Jefferson Center, we say thank you. You are the driving force behind the transformative work we do; the life-changers, the difference-makers, and the hope-bringers. Your personal stories of why you do what you do inspire those around you. We know this work is not always easy, but we can see the impact we have on the lives of the people we serve every day.

Thank you for your invaluable contributions and the enduring legacy you continue to build at Jefferson Center.  

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