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Depression Resources

More Than the Blues
Ever feel like you are the only one who is sad in a world of happy people? Everyone experiences stress, sadness and anxiety from time to time – it’s a part of life. These feelings can often happen when you a lose a job, children move away…
More than just feeling sad or going through a rough patch, depression is a serious mental health condition that requires understanding, treatment and a good recovery plan.  With early detection, diagnosis and an effective treatment plan, man…
Everyone deals with low points in life, but when the low feelings stick around, it might be time to look for resources to help you deal with depression. As one of the most common mental health disorders experienced by all ages of people, depressi…
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    Jefferson Center provides client-centered services designed to meet your individual mental health, substance use, and wellness needs. We’re dedicated to meeting you where you are in your journey and working together to help you live a satisfying and hopeful life.

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