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Hear from our President and CEO, Dr. Kiara Kuenzler, on important mental health topics we face and how we as a community can use connection to facilitate hope and resiliency.
Kiara's Note

A Note From Kiara: September 2022

Dear Community, For some people, sometimes, the world can feel very lonely. Loneliness is created by much more than merely being alone. It is also a sense of not belonging, not feeling truly known by others, accepted, or unconditionally lo…

A Note From Kiara: August 2022

The seasons are changing once again as we near the end of summer. There is so much about our world these days that feels unpredictable, and over the past two years, the uncertainty of our daily lives has felt almost constant. While change and…

A Note From Kiara: July 2022

Dear Community, Our summer is in full swing with many of us taking a long-awaited vacation, weekends away, or a concert in the park. Finding ways to “get back to normal.” We crave this normalcy, the desire to settle back in, put the pandem…

A Note From Kiara: June 2022

We welcome June as the sun lingers longer in the sky and children embrace the freedom and fun at the start of summer break. During our observance of Mental Health Month in May, I hope you embraced new ways of taking care of your mental and em…

A Note From Kiara: May 2022

It’s May, and hopefully, many of you are recognizing the signs of spring as an opportunity to spend more time outside, to pause, reflect, and find moments of joy as the days get warmer and growth is all around us. May is Mental Health Awarene…

A Note From Kiara: April 2022

Stress is at once an individual and universal experience. Yes, we all endure stress at numerous points throughout our lives, but just as every person on the planet reacts differently to the challenges of life, they too experience stress in va…
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