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Supporting Mental Health Through Vocational Services

Supporting Mental Health Through Vocational Services

Landing a new job is an exciting feeling. Looking for one, however, not so much. Updating resumes, writing cover letters, and sitting through a series of interviews can be hard to keep up with when looking for a new role in the workforce. Especially when that process drags on further than we thought it would be starting out. This process isn’t new, but it has gotten harder in recent years. For those of us experiencing a struggle with mental health, those speed bumps to a new job can feel like mountains.

It’s hard to not feel rejection or failure when getting that “thank you for applying, but…” email, and if those feelings are common in our mental health, continuing the search becomes more of a chore. At some point, it’s okay to seek help. You can get the support you need through Vocational Services at Jefferson Center. You might not think that help with finding a job is something we can provide, but just like housing and food security, a stable job for those of us who can work is proactive care for our mental wellbeing.

Anyone who wants to work can participate in the program, and job seekers are not turned away based on their diagnosis, symptoms, or history. Employee specialists help job seekers look for work by identifying preferences and skills in a job industry. These services work hand in hand with therapy and other mental health treatment plans to provide a network of support personalized to each person. The program uses a quick approach to finding job leads, aiming to connect people to potential employers within 30 days of starting.

Eight employment specialists with diverse backgrounds work within Vocational Services, using their experience to help applicants in many ways. Support can be offered in updating resumes, writing cover letters, and practicing for interviews. Providing professional or specialized clothing depending on the job is possible thanks to partnerships with other community organizations. Professional counselors on the team can also share information on how employment may affect benefits from the government if that is the case for the applicant. Even after a job offer and start date, personalized support is still available for people to use to develop the skills needed to thrive in a work environment.

The employment process is driven by the job seeker. The more frequently the person meets with the employment specialist usually determines how fast a job will be secured. Using those services has been very effective. Employment specialists at Jefferson Center provide support to over 450 people each year. And 49% of them find a job using these services, 31% more than the national average in similar programs.

Your mental health is supported by a stable job, and your employment journey can get started today!

Anyone receiving treatment from Jefferson Center is eligible for Supported Employment services at no cost. And the referral process is simple:

  • Current: Talk to your therapist or another staff member for referral.
  • New: Call Jefferson Center at 303-425-0300.
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