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The Unique Journey to Recovery

The Unique Journey to Recovery

Recovery from substance use problems is usually not a simple journey, with both good and tough times. It’s different for everyone, and finding the right help and treatment is also unique. Often, the stigma around substance use problems can make it hard for people to seek help. And not understanding what substance use treatment really involves can be confusing when looking for the right care. Here are some common misunderstandings:

  • Stopping “cold turkey” must happen to begin the recovery process.
  • Relapse at any time means failure.
  • A traditional “12-step” program is required.
  • All recovery looks the same.
  • Substance use disorders are a moral issue.
  • It is simply “impossible” to make a full recovery.

Times have changed, advancements in care and our better understanding of how to help have made it easier to connect with people where they are in use and find an approach that works for them. Maybe the biggest misconception about recovery is that it must be a straight line towards an end goal with no hiccups or setbacks. It is important to know that recovery is specific to each person, and it will never look the same every time. Things may improve at a hopeful rate, but then a relapse or other “setback” may happen. These ups and downs are normal and do not mean failure.

Take a moment to think about all the people in your life. Ask yourself, how are they different from each other?. Everyone is on their own journey through life, at different speeds and in different situations with unique backstories. With that in mind, you might now understand how recovery from substance use can look different to each person seeking treatment and their path to recovery may have been completely different.

Because everyone’s recovery experience is unique, Jefferson Center’s response and care takes an ‘evidence-based’ approach to substance use disorders. Specialists in the program are always looking for ways to improve the care provided based on what is heard from the community, clinical knowledge, and patient experiences. In other words, there is no “settled science” when it comes to recovery.

Care at Jefferson Center begins with meeting a client where they are in their journey. Teams focus on compassionate, informed care to help with recovery. There are no set expectations of people when care begins. That is why Jefferson Center clinicians apply a longer program of care; they are there to help through every step of recovery.

In addition to medication, the wellness team provides supports like meditation, nutrition, and social activity. Group activities and exercise are also focuses in long-term recovery. Clinicians also take harm-reduction approaches like expanded virtual care and overdose education. Some of our providers also share lived experience in substance use.

The road to recovery can be long, winding, and scary for those with substance use disorders. But with a team that cares about each person, and a mission to reverse misconceptions, recovery can be possible for everyone who starts that journey.

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