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The Women’s Recovery House Story

The Women’s Recovery House Story

[11:45 AM] Stephanie Schiemann

In January 2023, we had the privilege of being part of an amazing individual’s self-discovery journey through our Residential Recovery Substance Use Disorder (SUD) program. She came to us after a difficult period marked by a near-death experience but paved the way for an inspiring and transformative path ahead.

Upon completing residential treatment, she found a welcoming haven at Jefferson Center’s Women’s Recovery House on February 7, 2023. At the outset, setting boundaries and asserting herself posed a struggle. Daily encounters with triggers and cravings tested her resilience, and uncertainties lingered about employment and housing stability.

During her stay, a transformative process unfolded. Our client learned the art of setting boundaries, bravely discussing fears, and celebrating accomplishments. Engaging in Jefferson Center’s IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) equipped her with essential skills for maintaining her recovery goals. Employment initially proved challenging, but with determination, she secured a position as a stocker at a local ARC Thrift Store.

Her journey wasn’t without hurdles, yet she found the courage to express her discomfort on the register to her supervisor. Over time, her self-confidence soared, and she excelled in her role. Amidst mental health struggles and a demanding work schedule, the Recovery Clinic emerged as a supportive solution, allowing her to connect with a therapist successfully.

As discharge approached, a well-deserved opportunity awaited – a well-deserved promotion to a supervisor position. Recognizing the ongoing need for support, she made the positive decision to transition to Oxford House, completing her journey at the Women’s Recovery House with a triumphant success story. Full-time employment, secure housing, and continued connection to the Recovery Clinic now mark her inspiring path forward.

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