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There’s an App for That

There’s an App for That

Whether your goal is to keep track of your mood, begin a meditation practice, lose weight,  get more exercise or monitor a health condition such as diabetes, mobile health apps can be a useful tool in managing your own health.

Why download a health app? There are many advantages of having these apps at our fingertips; here are just a few of those benefits:

When you need it. Most of us carry our smartphones with us, so it’s easy to use an app when you need it. Having a stressful day? Take a moment to open your Omvana ( app and meditate.

Stay on track. Yes, that cheeseburger tasted great and by tracking it in MyFitnessPal (, you will know how many miles you need to run to work off those extra calories. Entering information in real-time or daily will help you stay focused on your goals.

“You are awesome!” Many apps offer an online community where you can connect with others that have similar goals or allow you to share your success on social media. This community often acts as an online cheerleader for us; giving us motivation and extra encouragement when we need it most.

Be empowered. Build a partnership for your care by discussing your health goals and sharing your progress with your healthcare provider. Many hospitals and clinics offer online apps to make communicating with your care team or seeing lab results even easier.

How do you know which apps are worth loading on your smartphone? Go online and search for reviews from reputable sources or ask your doctor for recommendations that are specific to your health goals. Many apps are free so if you download one that isn’t helpful for you, you can just delete it and try another! Keep your health and wellness on track wherever you are by plugging into apps that help with tracking, motivating, communicating, and more!

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