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Calm Your Child’s Anxiety with Back-to-School Tips

Transition times can be difficult for children and parents alike.  Going back to school is often one of those challenges tied to a myriad of emotions.  A good approach might be to instill positive experiences that encourage them to "bloom" like a flower. The base is the STEM and your child's life is the flower. STEM is also a helpful way to remember how to make any adjustment a healthy lifestyle.   Structure:  Routines help to make events predictable and feel more secure.  Having a set wake up time, bedtime and scheduling the last few days before school starts can ease children (and parents) back into [...]

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Substance Use: How Do I Know When I Need Help?

Using substances that alter our mood, behavior, and thinking is widespread in most societies, and has been going on for centuries. Many of us start the day with a cup of coffee or tea. Our reaction can be anything from feeling more alert and energetic to feeling jittery and irritable. However, in moderate quantities, most research shows few adverse effects, and even positive health benefits.  But when people become addicted to a substance, that’s a far different story.  So, where is the line? How do you know when using drugs or alcohol harms you or someone else? Most people aren’t very [...]

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Beat the Summer Slump

The lazy, hazy days of summer are here bringing the call of Summer to get outside and enjoy. Anticipating vacation, or just getting back from time off boosts the challenges to being productive for many of us.  It can be tempting to do, well…nothing.  It’s called the Summer Slump. And it can be difficult to muster up enough motivation to charge ahead on anything.  So how do we get back in the groove, move forward and beat the summer slump? Here are some suggestions to consider: Take Stock—It’s hard to know where to go when we don’t know where we are. [...]

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When Upsetting Events Happen, Take Care of Yourself First

Unfortunately, it’s happening too often.  Three critical, traumatic events incidents in less than 24-hours with graphic pictures and nonstop news coverage splashed across our screens.  While none of us can personally do anything about those horrifying situations, from an emotional health perspective, we can do a lot to take care of ourselves related to the effects we feel, and that’s what is most important.  To prevent those events from dominating our days, and those of our children who are out of school and home, some precautions are helpful. Avoid most of the news coverage, especially on TV. In other words, don’t [...]

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Enjoying Summer Season Benefits – Getting Outside for Your Health and Self-Care

Some of us have been waiting for it-this is the month for the longest daylight of the year, the 21st, a welcome antidote for the short, dark days of winter, when we go to work in the dark and it's already dark before we leave.  Cheer up. It's six months before we have to deal with that again.   Now is that time when it seems we have a few hours left to do things even after the workday is done.  More time to eat outside, sip summer beverages, watch the sunset over the mountains, and just play in what feels [...]

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A Letter from One Veteran to Another

It’s been a few years since you were in the service and your hair is a little longer, you wake up a little later, and you’ve probably called in to skip work once or twice because you just didn’t feel like going in. You’ve got a new routine that doesn’t include missing birthdays and holidays every other year or shaving every day whether you need it or not. Perhaps you’ve started school or a new career and you go to the lake every other weekend like you promised yourself during those long nights in the guard tower during your second deployment. [...]

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