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26Apr, 2017

Youth Transitions – Mixing Celebrations with Uncertainty

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Kids are already counting the days until school's out and they are free! Well, at least, that's what they're feeling. Getting outside and having fun, heading for the pool, or enjoying longer times with friends are high priorities.   But these times of transition can also carry an undercurrent of anxious uncertainty too. Simply stated, it's a whole mix of conflicting emotions all at once. It's important, as adults, that we recognize that anxious feelings can be running below the surface, and the more we are sensitive and aware of those hidden emotions, the better we can help guide our children [...]

6Apr, 2017

A Good Belly Laugh Can Help Your Brain…and Your Belly

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We all have a bad day now and then. You know, those days when you wake up grumpy and nothing seems to go your way--remember Alexander and his “terrible, horrible, no good very bad day?” But then your pet or your kid does something really cute that makes you laugh and your whole outlooks brightens!  Well, there’s actually science behind that reaction--scientific facts reveal that a good belly laugh can improve our mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Lee Berk, an immunologist at Loma Linda University, has studied the effects of mirthful laughter on the regulation of hormones. Berk and his colleagues [...]

15Mar, 2017

Stressed? Tired of Sitting? Try Desk-ercise!

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It often hits as the mid-afternoon slump.  More yawns, more thoughts of nap time, or just the desk blahs. It prompts lots of people to hustle for the double-C pick up:  Caffeine and Candy.  Despite the fact it’s not too healthy, it also doesn’t last very long, and the later crash can be worse than the original state. What to do?  Most experts make it simple:  get up and move. Here are some suggestions—simple ones—but moves that will deliver some natural stimulation and vigor. Stand up—Yes, sounds simple, but if you can get a desk device that allows you to stand [...]

1Mar, 2017

Three Easy Ways to Spring into Health

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Although it seems the holidays were just here, the Spring Equinox is on March 20.  For some, Spring can be a time of cleaning and renewal, but for others, sometimes it doesn't seem as hopeful as we'd like. Taking some time to focus on our needs and discover the things that make us happy can help clear and refresh our mind, body and spirit. Move your body: Physical activity is important to mental health and overall well-being. Try going for a quick walk during your lunch hour, taking your kids (or nieces and nephews, grandkids or neighbor kids) to the park or [...]

13Feb, 2017

When Valentine’s Day isn’t all red hearts and chocolate candy.

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Every store is littered with cards, candy, red hearts, stuffed animals and roses. Some people despise a day where they feel pressured to show people how much they care, dubbing it a “Hallmark Holiday.” Others (like myself) adore it. Seriously, I think it’s my favorite holiday. Valentine’s Day can often be disheartening (no pun intended) for my fellow singletons out there. Here are some suggestions to brighten your day when you’re not feeling the affection of Cupid’s arrow. Celebrate all your relationships It’s been years since I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with a significant other, but that [...]

28Dec, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions – The Possible Dream

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It’s that traditional time again when we hear talk about New Year’s resolutions, and sometimes make great promises to ourselves about what we’re going to accomplish in the New Year.  We tell ourselves this coming year will be different, and we’re ready to charge ahead with new zeal and new goals. We all know that even when we make those resolutions, we don’t always keep them, so are they really worth doing? Experts say there are ways to make them work for you.  “It's OK to make New Year's resolutions, but only if you see them not as unbreakable promises to [...]