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4 Ways to Become A Mental Health Ally

There are 1 in 5 adults who have a mental health condition in America. While mental health conditions are widespread throughout the United States, there is still a longstanding stigma that exists. Stigma that often stops people from getting help when they need it. Together, we can make strides to break that stigma. Here are 4 ways that you can be an ally to the mental health community throughout the year: 1 . Educate yourself and those around you It’s important to understand that mental illness takes its shape in many different forms. Learning more about the variety of mental health [...]

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Start Good Habits Now for Healthy Aging

Did you know that the physical shape you are in during your middle age years is predictive of your health in your older years?  Think about that.  If you are middle age, the steps you take now can help you live a healthier fitter life as a senior, both physically and emotionally.  And those daily walks that you take with your friends today give the double bonus of stress busting and social connection, two things important to our emotional wellbeing throughout our life span. We know that exercise is good for our mood and overall health, but it also builds an [...]

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Help for Difficult Times

Our community is saddened by the tragic school shooting in south Florida yesterday.  As you know, our own community experienced such a tragedy nearly 19 years ago. For some, it seems like yesterday. Our hearts go out to the families and community in Florida as they begin the process of healing.  When an event such as this happens, we are often drawn to the nonstop news coverage with graphic pictures splashed across our screens.  Experts advise us to limit our viewing and access to news of the event.  This is especially true for children and youth.  The saturation of repeating the [...]

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Make Good Habits Stick (…the secret…)

Before the “New Year, New Me” attitude fades too much, it’s probably a good time to talk about how our great intentions or resolutions can actually become lasting lifestyle changes. How can you prevent getting discouraged by February and giving up? There’s a lot of science behind how to make good habits stick, so if we get proven methods on our side, we have a lot better chance for them to become permanent. What Really Works? The key is small steps first, then build–slowly. Don’t try to do it all in a day. Massive changes are rarely sustainable. Remember – it’s [...]

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Start the New Year with a Gift – Forgiveness

We’re all trying to load up the New Year with good things and good intentions. “New Year, New Me,” as one of the sayings goes. But if you’re still recovering from credit card hangover from the holidays, don’t fret. One of the best gifts to give yourself is actually free—forgiveness. It can go both ways: forgiving someone who’s wronged you, and then forgiving yourself. It’s one of the most important actions to actually apply. Lack of forgiveness is often tied to the stories we tell ourselves which may or may not be true, and those stories drive the agenda. Most of [...]

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Coping with Grief After Community Violence

The trauma and grief of community violence often affects us all in some way. Coming together to honor those who’ve died and finding meaning in their deaths can help everyone in the community develop a common bond and begin to recover. What Can I Do To Cope With Grief? Talk to others who understand and respect how you feel—family members, faith leaders, people you trust. It’s a starting point to help ease your grief. Make sure to exercise and eat healthy meals. Keep your routines as regular as possible. Do the things that you’ve always enjoyed doing, even if you don’t [...]

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